What Makes You Think about the Next Xbox?

It is the period of a long interval in gaming industry since the release of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in November 2013. It was reported that more than 30 million units of PlayStation 4 has sold whereas Xbox One has reached at a 10 million mark. Giving this much advantage to Sony can arise suspicions why Microsoft is reluctant to introduce a new gaming console. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division has a different reply to give.

What Microsoft has to Say about it?

Spencer in a recent interview appreciated the loyalty of Xbox’s customers. At there, he said that Microsoft want to engage attention of Xbox’s customers fully towards Xbox One now. He also told that he was fully confident about those customers commitment of any Xbox products which are either released or yet to launch.

Xbox Two- Expected Features

Anyhow, we can expect some of the features of Xbox Two, the designated upcoming Xbox console from Microsoft’s silence. A neat, constant internet connection is perhaps essential for accessing Xbox Two games. More than that, you have to use physical disk based games using your Xbox live account. Improved Kinect device would be another major milestone of this console. Even if you are never going to use motion control feature of Kinect, it will be shipped with each Xbox Two.

Uncertainty about Name

Wait, wait. Spencer doesn’t confirm that the next Xbox version would be Xbox Two. Tech analysist have assumed several titles, say for example Xbox One Two, Xbox Four or Xbox Two. The predictions regarding its release date is also going to be in wane. You don’t have to go anywhere else for getting an evidence for this. Just notice the gap between the releases of Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The former version has released in 2005 while Xbox One in 2013, an eight years gap!

Ground Reality

Is Microsoft actually losing ground to Sony in gaming? There is solid reasons to believe this. For what else Microsoft has stopped releasing its Xbox sales figures from this October? We could only think so. Many game analysts has criticized Xbox One’s stand as a game console. Most of their conclusion was pointed to one topic, Xbox One has nothing to offer rather than being just an Entertainment box. Well, just go through its features, a Game DVR, internet browser and a video streamer. Is it a game console or home entertainment gadget?

Even this Kinect has added when Microsoft realized the sense of this question. That is even at a later time. After all, the marked up price for this products stands above PlayStation 4. How game enthusiastic can afford to buy a product even there are better products under the same category with less prize?

Bottom Line

Well, it is the time for Microsoft to rethink their attitude towards gaming industry. It has estimated that this industry will hit $91.5 this year (source: gamesindustry.biz). Better players who is really commit towards their product, will definitely make advantage over others.