Software to Repair AVI Video Files on Windows and Mac

AVI video file is the most widely used container file format which is used to watch standard definition video on the PC or laptop. This AVI video file container format is used by later versions of DivX video version. AVI files consist of various types of audio and video streams which are played together with high quality by making use of advanced DivX video compression technology. This DivX video files also same as AVI file because it is also based on AVI container but it contains various additional features such as chapters and XSUB subtitles. These video files can be played on all the DivX certified electronic devices like tablets, Smartphone, PC, camcorders and TV with incredible video quality. Even though, AVI file may encounter corruption issues due to various reasons like human mistakes and system errors. Due to this file corruption, whenever you try to play the corrupted video file it will show some errors. In this situation, you may get worried because of thinking about your memorable AVI video file.

In order to prevent your files from these corruption problems, you need to maintain the proper backup of your important files in regular manner. If you failed to keep the backup of your files, you need to go for some reliable third party AVI repairing software. Here, we introduce better, smarter and faster repairing software named AVI Repair software for fixing corrupted or damaged AVI file within a short span of time. This tool has many features help you to repair AVI file on both Windows and Mac platforms efficiently. You can overcome various corruption scenarios by making use of this tool which are mentioned as below,

Consider you try to save the AVI video file on a flash storage device for further usage. In such a situation if your flash storage devices contains bad sectors means the saved video file may get corrupted or damaged and which results unplayable video file. We all know that AVI video file has header file which is used to hold all the information of AVI file like file type, file size, file creation date, file modification date, and so on. This header file may get damaged because of severe virus or malware attack. While downloading your favorite video file from internet it may not download completely due to some network issues in such case the downloaded video file will be unplayable due to improper download. While transferring AVI file from one storage device to another on Windows or Mac system some unexpected interruption may happen like power failure, suddenly take away the storage device from system, abrupt system shutdown and more. Therefore file moving process may not get completed and it may become damaged on destination location. Whatever may be the reasons, the above mentioned tool repairs corrupted AVI files and restores those repaired file in a secured location without modifying original file.

Unique Features of AVI Repair Software:

  • This tool repairs unplayable AVI video file and the corrupted or damaged DivX and Xvid video file formats.

  • You can achieve repairing task within a few minutes because has special built-in algorithms.

  • AVI file repairing can be performed on various storage devices like flash memory cards, pen drives, internal hard disk drives, USB hard drives, memory sticks, etc.

  • It supports both Windows and Mac platforms with various popular versions like Windows 8/XP/7/Vista and Mac OS Yosemite/Mavericks/Snow Leopard/ Mountain Lion.

  • You can preview your repaired AVI file in the demo free version itself. For saving repaired files you have to buy the full licensed version. This tool is available in a reasonable price.

  • Easy-to-use feature of this tool helps you to repair AVI files easily because it has simple user interface.