Recovery of deleted document and video files

Deleted documents file recovery presents numerous special problems. While one would think locating and recovering such a simple file as a Microsoft Word document would be one of the easiest file recovery problems. This is not always true. To begin with not all documents are stored in the Microsoft Word .DOC format. There are a dozen quality word processors in use which initially store files in a proprietary format. It should also be pointed out that within the structure of word processing as set forth by Microsoft, there are several dozen file extensions in use such as RTF, DOC and DOCX.

When attempting to solve the problem relative to deleted documents file recovery you will need more than a basic file recovery program. You will need software that was built for and is now aimed at recognizing the general structure attributed to work processing. That same program to recover documents should also be designed as able to recognize all of the currently in use word processing document file extensions such as Abiword’s ABW and the Open Office file extension. And of course emphasis must be placed on recognition of Microsoft Word document files. You may find that you can use a general purpose file recovery program that allows you to do more than find document files. Most of this will find your DOC files as well as recover deleted video files along with audio and image files.