Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive Having Bad Sectors

Seagate is the one of the leading hard drive manufacturing company in the present market. It will produce different varieties of hard drives with various data storage capacities ranging from 500 GB to 10 TB. Seagate hard are used to store data in digital format. The main features of these Seagate hard drives are they are portable, high performance, compatible with different operating systems, high speed data transfer, etc.

Even though having many advantages, many of the people are facing data loss problems with their Seagate HDD. There are various reasons for data loss on a Seagate hard drive like file accidental deletion, formatting, virus infection, bad sectors, interruptions while transferring data, etc. Out of them bad sector formation is one of the vulnerable reason for the data loss. If there are large amount of bad sectors present on your Seagate HDD, this may lead to the complete inaccessibility of the HDD.

Once the bad sectors are created in your Seagate hard drive, it is mostly impossible to remove or repair those bad sectors. But the data in those bad sectors can be restored by using appropriate tools available online. One such recovery tool is “Hard Drive Recovery Utility” software, which is used to restore Seagate HDD data having bad sectors successfully. This powerful utility has the ability to scan entire Seagate hard drive memory by sector to sector and restore Seagate hard disk data having bad sectors within a few minutes.

Reasons for the formation of bad sectors on your Seagate HDD:

Electric surges: When you are using your Seagate hard drive with your computer if there is any sudden shutting down of system or due to frequent power failures while performing read /write process. Such case your Seagate hard drive may get severely affected and bad sectors may develop.

Over time usage: As like other electronic devices if you use your hard drive for over time in everyday (say total day) without even giving break. It may get effected badly which leads to generation of bad sectors on your HDD.

File system error: When you connect Seagate hard drive with different operating systems the file system present in your hard drive becomes corrupted and there are some chances for bad sector formation.

Over ageing: Any device when it gets old, you might observe some changes in its performance, similarly when you use the same hard drive over years it may develop some bad sectors and its performance gets reduced.

Over heating: hard drive consists of a rotating disk which will rotates when it is connected to a computer. Probably rotating parts produces heat in addition to that when we expose Seagate HDD to overheat it may get damaged and bad sectors will form in it.

Virus infection: virus is one destructive element that may damages the memory locations on a storage media. When it damages the memory locations it that memory part becomes inaccessible which refers to a bad sector.

Spectacular features of Hard Drive Recovery Utility:

  • It is inbuilt with typically advanced algorithm, which will scan all the memory sectors including bad sectors and retrieves the entire lost data from Seagate hard drive with ease.
  • This software is provided with simple user-friendly guide so that, even a novice person can perform the data recovery process without any difficulty.
  • Apart from restore Seagate hard disk data having bad sectors it can also recover data form hard drives which is lost after formatting or due to partition error.
  • This brilliant soft ware has the capability to rescue data from different bran sod hard drives like Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Western digital, etc.
  • This tool is supported to perform restore Seagate hard disk data having bad sectors on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac systems.