Learn How to View Emails with Attachments Only in Mail for iOS

For all the Mail users of iOS there is an optional inbox sorting option available which allows you to view the emails that are attached with any documents. Any types of emails that are with any kind of attachments can be viewed in an easy manner, and there is no necessary to use any browsing or Search function through the regular inboxes and should be helpful to many iPod touch, iPad and iPhone users.

Before accessing and viewing the emails that are with attachments, first of all in Mail app on the iPad or iPhone you should enable the optional sorting mailbox.

In Mail for iOS enable an Attachment Inbox in order to View Only Emails that are with Attachments.

  • As usual in the iOS open the Mail app, this will open your regular “All Inboxes” view, and then you need to tap on the “Mailboxes” back button.
  • Tap on the “Edit” option and to find you need to scroll down and again tap on “Attachments” options so there will be the appearance of the blue check mark and then tap on “Done”
  • Tap on “Attachments” back in the Mailboxes screen to view the emails that only includes attachments in Mail app of iOS.

For the users in iOS Mail who work with many attachments, this feature is really great and to save the attachments to iCloud, it makes it easy as there is no need to wade through a larger inbox with the other emails that are without any attachments. To sort through documents it is very handy and to markup or sign and return through Mail.

While using the Attachments inbox, the inbox will be left randomly arranged, so you may try to rearrange inbox so in the Mailboxes list of Mail app it should appear higher.

As usual while switching to mailboxes and inboxes, you will probably want to tap back and should return to “All Inboxes” section, otherwise new emails can also be seen that includes attachments when mailbox remain active on the screen.

Similar to viewing only emails this sorting function is used to sort from archived messages and VIP contacts. Also in the Mailboxes screen optional inbox sorting options are available.