Get Rid of Broken AVI File (Once and For All)

Are you worried about how to repair broken AVI files?

Audio Video Interleave (.avi), is a file format designed by Microsoft.AVI files is used to create Digital Video by store both audio and video data in it.AVI files are large file sizes so quality of videos also high. AVI format require codecs, only with the help of codecs we can play .avi files.

AVI don’t have standardized way of encoding aspect ratio information and no variable frame rate material.AVI is not intended to contain variable frame rate material. Workarounds for this limitation increase overhead dramatically, so AVI or DivX video files get damage quickly. Faulty firmware of camcorder is the one of major reason of broken of AVI files.

How AVI file broke.

  • Recording AVI video files using camcorder, mobile phone, digital video camera etc. when the device storage memory is full may broke AVI file.
  • AVI file may get corrupted due to disturbance and error occurring while downloading AVI file from internet
  • Downloading AVI files from invalid websites.
  • Storage device damage may leads to the damage and corruption of AVI files stored in it.
  • When header file of AVI files gets corrupted then the file broke and become in accessible.
  • Virus, spyware and malware attack may damage AVI files in our Hard disk .Sometimes this Sevier attack may cause permanent deletion of AVI files from hard drive.
  • Changing extension of AVI file name will result in broken of AVI files. Thus this file become inaccessible in computers and in other devices.
  • Playing AVI files with those media players that not supports .avi file format.
  • Errors may occur wile copying and transferring .avi files from external data storage devices

Have your precious AVI files got broken due to known or unknown reasons? Still don’t have any idea about how to fix broken AVI files without compromising its quality? Then don’t worry, use Repair AVI utility to repire broken AVI files in few mouse click.

How to fix broken AVI files?

Repair AVI is the best Software to repair broken AVI files. It is a read only tool, so it does not modify the original file. It opens the AVI in read only mode and enables the “Preview” of the repaired files before saving it into your hard drive. The a trial version of Repair AVI helps user only to view the repire file if the user want to repair the file then he should purchase the product.

  • Repair AVI is an advanced tool for repair broken AVI files. It works based on modern advanced data fixing algorithms
  • AVI repair tool helps to repair broken AVI header file that are corrupted while recording video using various brand digital cameras.
  • Repair AVI is user friendly, no deep technical knowledge is require for handling this utility.
  • It separates the audio and video files while repairing AVI file, then adjoins them to make a playable video file.
  • Fix damaged AVI video files on both Windows and Mac machines.


  • Avoid copying and transferring errors from external data storage devices ,so always use excellent and good storage devices.
  • Download AVI files from valid and recognized websites
  • Hold a backup of AVI files in any external devices.
  • Playing AVI files with those media players that supports .avi file format.
  • Install powerful anti-virus program to protect your system against virus arrack.