Find an Easy Way to Recover Deleted or Lost Video File

Canon is brand name of famous camera manufacturing company. This company manufactures DSLR camera device Canon Vixia, which captures high definition images and videos. This device firmware stores video files in external storage memory provided with Canon Vixia. Apart from videos you can also capture high resolution images with Canon Vixia camera device. This DSLR camera device is inbuilt with LCD display screen to preview the videos and images captured. Sometimes it happens that videos captured with these DSLR camera devices get deleted by accidentally selecting delete all button provided on Canon Vixia camera device. All accidentally deleted videos will be crucial and losing them will make you tense. In tensed situation like this, you will be searching for best video recovery tool. Just relax, don’t be tense because you may not aware about a Canon video recovery tool exclusively designed to recover deleted videos from Canon. Excluding accidental deletion of videos from Canon Vixia there are many possible ways through which may lose videos from Canon Vixia. Let me introduce some of them to you before acknowledging salient features of Canon video recovery tool.

Typical Video Loss Scenarios of Canon Vixia Camera Device:

Unintentional Formatting: sometimes, it happens you come across deletion of entire images and videos from storage memory of Canon Vixia due to formatting the storage memory by mistake while managing the settings of Canon. If you unintentionally select “format storage” option when changing the setting then you cannot stop the format process, in which you will lose entire data from storage device of Canon.

Interrupted Video Transfer: Usually, while transferring crucial videos from Canon Vixia to computer system via USB connection, video may get deleted on account of sudden shut down of computer or camera device.

  • This interruption may occur due to power failure of system or Canon Vixia battery completely discharge’s.
  • To overcome permanent data loss from Canon Vixia camera device, you have to follow some precautionary steps such as:
  • Avoid capturing images or video after observing video deletion from Canon Vixia DSLR camera.
  • Try to maintain backup copy of videos every time when you notice storage memory is full.
  • Use UPS with system through which you are using Canon Video recovery tool.

Salient Feature of Canon Video File Recovery Tool:

Video File Recovery tool is integrated with best techniques to recover video files from Canon DSLR cameras, which scan entire storage memory of Canon Vixia and retrieves various video file types such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, 3GP2 and many others. This application is also capable of video file recovery and general image files, RAW image files and other media file from various brands of DSLR cameras such as can Nikon, Sony, Canon Vixia, Fujifilm, Olympus, etc. This also helps Smartphone user to get back deleted or lost video from various Android mobile like Samsung, Sony, Micromax, LG, etc.